2019-2020 Participants

Kaycee Stanley | The Reel Hope Project | FOSTER CARE
Creating videos of Minnesota kids who are waiting to be adopted.

Julie Ledy | Adoption is Love | FOSTER CARE
Granting wishing to kids and families in foster care.

Ben Bevis | Encircled | YOUTH
Helping youth identify, launch and sustain their God-given purpose.

Jill Hall | Global Horizons Inc | GLOBAL MISSION
Providing infrastructure to 40 locally-led community projects around the world.

Steve Johnson | Five Stone Media | ADULTS
Using video story telling to bring hope and healing to those in need of change.

Drew Boe | Managers on a Mission | SPORTS
Developing Christ-centered future leaders of the sports industry.

Tami Moberg | Quincy House | TEENS
Empowering teens to have hope for their future while providing unconditional love and guidance along the way.

Maridel Sandberg | Together for Good | FAMILIES
Assisting families in times of crisis.

Eric Chavoustie | Life on Life Mentoring | MENTORS
Building long-term mentors to disciple youth from hard places.

Jonny Nelson | JSAW | YOUTH
Transforming action sports culture.

Shawn Morrison | Good in the Hood | COMMUNITY
To influence, inspire and impact individuals, families and entire communities for good.

Terri Hands | Trafficking Justice | SEX TRAFFICKING
Inspire, equip and mobilize people to end sexual exploitation.

Kerrie Holschbach | Food for His Children | POVERTY – TANZANIA
Providing a sustainable program in Tanzania to end poverty.

Don Dewy | Crossing Home | HOUSING
Providing housing to enhance the lives of those affected by addiction and incarceration.

Regina Kehl | Journey 28:19 | POVERTY – ETHIOPIA
Partnering with local leaders to end the cycle of poverty through education, discipleship, and vocational training.

Keith Lokkesmoe | Trafficking Justice | SEX TRAFFICKING
Partnering with organizations to abolish sexual exploitation/trafficking by equipping, connecting, and mobilizing volunteers from church communities.

Jessica Bartholomew | Act United | SEX TRAFFICKING
Educating parents, teachers, citizens, and children about the hazards posed by child prostitution and slavery.

Shane O’Rourke | Lift Up | FUNDING PLATFORM
Donation platform where every penny donated supports life-changing tangible projects with the greatest impact around the world.

Madie Hubert | Steve Gahagen | Play to Your Strengths | PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT
Strengthsfinder training and coaching for schools, businesses, churches, and individuals.

Susie Brooks | Veritas Academy | EDUCATION
Providing a private classical Christian education for pre-K, kindergarten through 12th grade.

Elaine Tymchak | Cultivate International | POVERTY
Empowering community leaders to fight poverty and injustices through small-scale, grassroots community efforts.

Linda Wiza | The Dwelling Place | DOMESTIC ABUSE
Providing healing, hope and housing to victims of domestic abuse.

Tammi Thompson | Doug Keillor | Juvenile Justice Int’l | YOUTH – MEXICO
Advocate for policy reforms in the juvenile justice system and improve respect for human rights for the most vulnerable children.

Phil Carlson | Connected Marriage | MARRIAGE
Equipping churches to help improve the quality of martial relationships.

Nancy Alvarado | Bricks to Bread | POVERTY – COSTA RICA
Helping to build brick ovens for Costa Rican families seeking a sustainable source of income.

Edith Hudson | Edith’s House | HOMELESSNESS – MN
Survivor-led shelter providing support to homeless.