September Event Recap

What do you do when you experience nearly 200% growth in one year? How about when you have a robust training platform that can help youth not just survive, but thrive? These are just a few of the questions our emerging ministries asked in Tuesday’s Amplify Mission Network event.

THE NIGHT IN REVIEW Lively discussion ensued as marketplace leaders and ministry leads shared updates on work, life and God purpose while dining on delicious food made possible by Heart Ministries.

GOD’S LOVE PERFECTING IN US “Ah, perfection!,” Wilhem Garbers remarked. “What holds you back?” she challenged the room. “Is it your view of perfection?’ “It is not ours to behold” she continued. Wilhem Garbers reminded us the importance of showing up, to “breathe in, and breathe out, love, purpose, support.”

LEARNING ACADEMY ACCELERATES LEADERSHIP Joseph Rukavina- spoke about one of Amplify Mission Network’s core offerings for ministries- the Learning Academy. “I want to begin by thanking you for your investment in the learning academy” Rukavina said. “For someone like me, it can be worrisome trying to know everything when you are just starting up, and yet people look to you to have that leadership.” ”The Learning Academy has given me training to grow and flourish our non-profit. I have become more comfortable in my role and have a better understanding of not only who I am, but how other ministries can help me grow” he added.

MOBILE MENDERS With more than 100 partners in attendance, Michelle Ooley presented her compelling vision of making an impact through mobile mending services. “Imagine you are homeless with only one pair of jeans, read more RSVP for Amp Session at Tradition Bank, Board Room on Thurs, Sept 20, 3-4pm Leave words of encouragement for Michelle and her team at mobile menders

ENCIRCLED The decline of youth engagement in the church and the effect of the decreasing number “faith influencers” in kids lives. With more than 24 years in youth and at-risk teen ministry experience, Ben has developed a coaching platform to not only bring youth closer to Christ, but help youth discover their God given purpose read more Sign up for the Amp Session on Tuesday, September 25 2-3pm Leave words of encouragement for Ben and his team at Encircled

INVESTING IN ONE ANOTHER Board Chair John Trautz provided an update on the services and structure provided by Amplify Mission Network. “We are not unlike many of our emerging ministry partners,” said Trautz, “We rely on the funding of a few and the people in this room to provide this experience. Together, we seek to broaden our base of support so ministries like these and the 133 other ministries we’ve touched can continue to evolve and thrive through the work that happens at Amplify Mission Network each day. read more Make a Donation to Amplify Mission Network

The evening wrapped up shortly before 7:30pm and our next meeting was announced. Our next partner and ministry leaders event will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 13. We will hear from national speaker Matt Norman, Dale Carnegie and emerging Ministries Cyber Warrior Foundation and Native Strong– two solid emerging ministries looking to further turn up their impact. RSVP now for November’s event.