A Day In the Life of an Emerging Ministry

Some of our emerging ministries find their mission in the heat of dynamic needs, like Heart Ministries, which was created in 2012 as a response team for natural disasters. Others, like Fair Anita, a social enterprise that produces hand-made accessories to empower women around the world, experience more predictable times of demand.

Regardless of mission or anticipated plans, all emerging ministries live in a world where adaptability is critical. Below is an example of one recent experience shared by Fair Anita in a recent challenge session of our Learning Academy.

Excerpt from class:

There’s no question that in the world of accessories and jewelry, the holiday shopping season is a can’t miss event.  But recently, when severe flooding delayed shipment of holiday goods, founder Joy McBrien had to think quickly to fulfill shipments and adjust a 12-week sales plan into  a shortened window. This mission is critical to not only meet forecasted goals, but secure its future commitment to grow the network of sustainable fair trade jobs for women.

With 8,000 women in 9 countries a part of the Fair Anita program, a setback of sales has direct economic impact for the women who produce the products. With excess inventory and larger distribution systems, traditional retailers can often absorb shipment setbacks like the one Fair Anita experienced, but for an emerging social enterprise, the situation can quickly become critical.

Fair Anita was able to shift its priorities and focus on maximizing sales by increasing its presence online and through special events. Founder Joy McBrien cleared her schedule and she and her team will be at 70 events over the next 8 weeks. The ability to adapt to change is one trait Amplify Mission’s ministry partners share. Our ministry partners exhibit amazing commitment to not only building their ministry, but living out the mission to show up as God’s hands and feet within our midst.

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