A Letter from the President

A Letter from the President

Welcome to Amplify Mission Network where friends, acquaintances and strangers quickly become part of our family! 

At Amplify, there is no shortage of opportunity to use your God given experiences, energy, time and talent to help emerging nonprofit ministries turn up their impact. There are complex issues ministries are facing, you are uniquely qualified to solve. 

I invite you to turn your faith in to a verb and engage with the work God is doing right now, right here in our communities. 

Step in with us to some of the places God is healing, changing, and growing, not by accident or coincidence, but because his people decided it was time to gather to get about his work.

Take a minute to send me an email introducing yourself and join us at our next group meeting where you’ll see our mission in action and contribute ideas to advance a local nonprofit ministry.

We are holding a spot for you!

Julie Eide, President