A Message from Julie Eide

A Message from Julie Eide

An Important Message from Julie

may 15, 2024

Dear Amplify Family,
The time has come for me to pass the baton while I still have energy to chase grandchildren, maybe dial back the pace and open up Amplify to new possibilities. As I step into the next stage of life I want to express my deepest gratitude to you, working alongside each of you has been the highlight of my professional career.

Remember the times we turned dull boring meetings into improv sessions and transformed challenges into team building obstacle courses? You’ve been the heart and soul of this fantastic and fun family.

Though I’m stepping away from my role at the end of 2024, I carry with me the lessons learned, the friendships forged and the privilege and honor it was to serve alongside you all. I am confident the path forward for Amplify is bright and filled with endless possibilities.

Thank you for being more than colleagues; thank you for being a family….my family who always said “YES”! The spotlight is ready for the next act, and I can’t wait to see Amplify continue to push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and maybe add a few explosions and sparklers for dramatic effect.

With much joy and hope,

Board Response

Dear Amplify Partners, Sponsors, and Friends,

It is with very mixed emotions that the Board has received Julie’s announcement of her plans to retire from her role as President of Amplify Mission Network. We know that Julie’s total commitment to Amplify has left her precious little time and energy for the other roles in her life and we’re happy for her that this will change. Still, we will miss her relentless energy and boundless enthusiasm, her infectious positivity, her wisdom and most of all, the warmth of her personality that has drawn so many into the Amplify family.

Julie’s impact as our leader has been transformative for Amplify. In 2016, when Julie was hired to lead what was then called Barnabas, we were struggling and our survival as an organization was uncertain. To say she led a dramatic turnaround is an understatement.

  • Julie grew and nourished Amplify’s partner community. Meeting participation, which had been averaging at around 30 when she started, now usually exceeds 140. As important, Julie’s knack for matching the right partners with ministry leaders, has led partners to be fully engaged, using their gifts and skills to expand God’s Kingdom.
  • Julie established and strengthened relationships with sponsors and donors that provide vital resources for the work of Amplify. Annual budgets have increased 1,740% enabling a paid staff of one to grow to our current 3.5 staff positions and 3 consultants.
  • During Julie’s tenure, over 80 leaders of emerging ministries have been guided and supported through our Amp Journey.
  • The Learning Academy has graduated 193 ministry leaders, equipping them with valuable knowledge and management skills.

In line with her plans to retire at the end of the year, the Board has begun a search for her successor. We ask for the prayers of everyone in the Amplify family for God’s guidance in this process. Any questions about the search should be directed to Becky Walker at bkywlkr@aol.com. You can view the Opportunity Profile here

The mission of Amplify Mission Network is to connect Christian business leaders with emerging ministries to amplify Kingdom impact. During Julie’s time at the helm, we have considerably strengthened our capacity to achieve that mission. With the commitment of our partners, sponsors, and staff, and with God’s help, we are confident that Amplify’s impact, and our ability to accomplish His purposes, will continue to increase.

With Thanksgiving,
Amplify Mission Network Board of Directors

John Trautz, Chair
Becky Walker
Joyce Hansen
Mike Martiny
Sally McCarthy
Steve Pontius
Tony Caterina
Ann Johnson
Gregg Sampson
Clinton Rooney
Mike Braun
Greg Graves
Rich Voelbel