The AMP track is not currently scheduled to run during the 2024-2025 session.

Advanced Leader Track

The AMP Track is for Ministry Directors who have completed the Nonprofit Leader Track or the equivalent. This small cohort of 10 or less will tackle key subject areas that are critical to the health and strength of an organization.

The Amp Track helps nonprofit Executive Directors delve deeper into their organization through monthly peer-to-peer mentoring group sessions and individual coaching sessions led by an experienced consultant/coach.

The coach will curate an examination into the most useful and pressing issues participating ED’s are facing. Individual coaching sessions are designed to go even deeper and tackle critical challenges, specific to you and your organization.

The goal of the Amp Track is to create a diverse learning community of peers where ED’s can come together to solve problems, share support, connect with resources, and ideate realistic actions steps.

The AMP track consists of six monthly group sessions held mastermind style, with six individual coaching sessions held during the off weeks.

Session Details

Group Sessions

8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. • 2nd Wednesday of the month • In-person
The group sessions will be mastermind style. Facilitated by a consistent coach, the group will problem solve relevant challenges through peer mentoring.

Together we will share input, wisdom, experience, and tools to benefit all involved.
• We will tackle topics most useful and pressing to you.
• We will support one another in our current challenges and have purposeful conversations aimed at creating actionable steps to move our nonprofit forward.
• We will gain an outside perspective, share tools, and build accountability for action.

Individual Coaching Sessions

45 minute session • last week of the month • Zoom
The one-on-one sessions will be with a coach who will go deeper with you and your specific critical challenge. All with the purpose of confidently defining the best next steps to overcome your specific challenges.


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