The AMP Journey

Think of Amplify like a Christian Shark Tank for ministries, except instead of money, our business leaders exchange time, talent, and networks to help move your nonprofit organization to the next stage of growth.

AMP Journey

What ministry challenge keeps you up at night?

Amplify is designed to tackle nonprofit ministries’ toughest challenges through collaborative brainstorming, coaching, networking, and problem-solving.

Each year, Amplify accepts 10 local nonprofit organizations who apply to embark on a nine-month AMP Journey. The AMP Journey provides you with a unique opportunity to amplify your mission through a guided 360 degree deep dive into a current ministry challenge or opportunity.

Through the relationships, brainstorming, and connections formed with coaches, mentors and business leaders from our network, you will be able to overcome obstacles and grow your ministry in ways you never before imagined!

How It Works

THE AMP Journey Process


Amplify Mission Network staff, in consultation with our Board of Directors, select ten ministries per year. There are no fees to apply or participate in the AMP Journey.


Embark on a nine-month journey to amplify your impact! You'll be assigned 2-3 Amplify coaches to support and guide you on your journey. Together you will take a 360 degree look and land on your greatest ministry challenge.


It's your time to shine! Share about your ministry and current challenge in a 15-minute presentation to our network of business leaders. Facilitated brainstorming sessions will provide valuable ideas and connections to you.


Turn up your impact! Your coaches and interested business leaders will meet with you to discuss your summary report at an AMP session and assist in establishing an action plan to guide your next 90 days. A mentor will be offered to provide ongoing encouragement and support as you implement.

Past AMP Journey Ministries

more than 60 nonprofits have completed the AMP Journey ​
JSAW's Story

JSAW's Story

JSAW is a sports action ministry who presented to our network in September of 2019 asking for help with a broken fundraising model. Business leaders provided ideas and as a result, JSAW now has a new rider sponsorship model in place that allows them to raise funds in a new way that reduces staff fundraising time and appeals to donors. Since launching the sponsorship model, they now have 40 riders sponsored by donors and more coming!

"I believe Amplify has sharpened every area God has called me to. Not only have I left with a network of supporters, but I’ve left with a new vision for what God has called me to do!"


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Benefits Of The AMP Journey

Ministry Application – AMP Journey

This application will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and is open to MN-based nonprofits. If you do not have a logo or headshot available to upload, you can send those separately to after completing your application.

  • Basic Info

  • Organization Information

  • Please share your organization’s mission statement.
  • Please tell us about the programs and services you provide. Also briefly describe the groups/communities you serve and their needs.
  • Please share the impact of your organization and some positive outcomes. Include a brief history of key dates and milestones for your organization. How would you describe the current state of your organization today?
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis: What are your organization’s strengths? What are your organization’s weaknesses? What are your organization’s opportunities? What are your organization’s threats?
  • Do you have a problem in your ministry that money can’t solve? What keeps you up at night or what is your pain point (program model, operations, marketing, building awareness, target market, scaling, etc.). How can Amplify Mission Network partners strategically use their time, talents, and connections to help advance your ministry?
  • List any hands-on volunteer opportunities not covered by your areas of need.
  • Please provide web links (Vimeo, YouTube, etc) for any promotional or impact videos Amplify has permission to use in promoting and sharing about your organization.
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    Max. file size: 256 MB, Max. files: 6.
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