Amplify is Accepted to Small Business Institute

Amplify is Accepted to Small Business Institute

Amplify is Accepted to University of St. Thomas’ Small Business Institute

Five Past Presenting Ministries are Accepted Alongside Amplify

 This week, Amplify Mission Network received notice of acceptance into the University of St. Thomas Small Business Institute consulting program. The Small Business Institute (SBI) provides consulting services centered around marketing, engaging expert faculty and advanced business students with the challenges facing small businesses and nonprofits. 

Amplify partner, Gino Giovannelli, a distinguished service faculty in Marketing at University of St. Thomas, presented the idea to Amplify President Julie Eide in October 2020.“The Small Business Institute (SBI) program gives students a chance to work with real clients to solve real problems, which creates a real win-win opportunity. And this year Amplify and it’s network has supplied six mission oriented nonprofit clients to the program, which gives our students a chance to do great work for great causes,” shared Giovannelli.

The five past presenting ministries joining Amplify Mission Network in the SBI program are Be Kind 2 People, Lift Up, Five Stone Media, Food For His Children and Global Horizons, Inc.  

Over the next four months, SBI students will work alongside the organizations, creating custom action plans to review marketing activities and identify opportunities for growth. The project culminates in a final report and presentation provided by SBI students and faculty to guide future marketing activities.

Amplify President Julie Eide shared her appreciation for the opportunity, “The SBI program parallels our own Amplify model. While we provide coaching to our partner ministries, we don’t often have opportunities for our own growth through coaching. I’m grateful for the opportunity to offer valuable experience to students as well as receive a fresh detailed marketing analysis with recommendations for Amplify’s future growth.”