Amplify hosts 5th Annual Event with Erik Weihenmayer

Amplify hosts 5th Annual Event with Erik Weihenmayer

Amplify hosts Erik Weihenmayer

september 19, 2023
On Tuesday, September 19th, nearly 500 business, community, and ministry leaders filled the pews of Christ Presbyterian Church for Amplify’s 5th annual fundraising event, "Never Alone," raising nearly $70,000!

Emily Hamilton, Pastor of Missions at Christ Presbyterian Church, opened in prayer and celebrated the work of Amplify, one of the church’s selected mission partners. "We love Amplify's mission and the way they are connecting Christians who have marketplace experience with emerging faith-based ministries."

Known MPLS, the musical guest for the evening, brought energy and joy to the room! They got the crowd up on their feet and singing along to "Better is One Day" with rich four part harmonies. Their second tune showcased the talent of the group with solos delivered by two of the youth. The stunning acapella tune "Go Easy On Me" closed out the evening and was met with thunderous applause from the audience.

Erik Weihenmayer captivated the audience with his no barriers mentality, bringing depth and meaning to the night. He challenged guests to be climbers, not campers. "We're all in the same boat. We're all reaching into darkness. The fears are foundational, they conspire against us and paralyze us. Climbers understand that life is an ongoing never-ending process of reaching into the darkness for possibilities that are never seen. Don't allow the darkness to paralyze you."

Weihenmayer shared numerous stories of his own adventures, and more importantly, the struggles. His commission was to lean into adversity, "The world is crying out for alchemy. You are the alchemists. You are the no barriers mentality in a world full of challenge. I hope you will respond to that call."

Julie Eide, President of Amplify, showed the impact of Amplify on business leaders and ministries in our communities over the past year through a video highlighting two presenting ministries, Allos and Terebinth Refuge. She invited guests to step into God’s work at Amplify, "Lets create a revolution of faith and business where impossible becomes probable, the ordinary because extraordinary, and where saints and sharks unite to reshape the world one innovative idea at a time. Together, let's amplify our impact and show that world that when faith and business collide, miracles really do happen."

Morgan Wood, Amplify partner and co-chair of the event, wrapped up the evening with thanks, giving guests a sneak peek at Amplify's next meeting on November 7th and sharing about her own experience as an Amplify partner.

Following the event, guests enjoyed delicious treats provided by Amplify partner Rustica Bakery and supported ministry vendors, Fair Anita, Covered with Christ, Terebinth Refuge, Humanity Alliance, and Hope Farm School.

Through the generous gifts at this event, $69,284 was raised to advance the mission of Amplify!  

Thank you once again to our presenting sponsors HEART, North Memorial Hospital, and Prouty Project, and all businesses, organizations and individuals who gave so generously.

What guests had to say:

"The room was buzzing with energy!"

"Given my experiences, it is not often I am both impressed and inspired. I was last night. Although I had prior knowledge of a small part of Erik's story, I had no idea the breadth and depth of his life. It was a beautiful illustration of what it means to lead a life of purpose."

"I have listened to many motivational talks in my life, but I found yours spoke to my heart. Thank you for throwing me a rope last night as I seek to take another step towards the summit."

"The timing of tonight's message was perfect given some of the challenges I'm facing. It was a great evening!"

"I am so honored and so encouraged and thankful to have come. What an important mission and call. Thank you!"

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If you missed the event, it's not too late to watch and support the mission of Amplify! The event will be available for viewing until October 1st.

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