Amplify Mission Network hosts John O’Leary.

On May 2, business, community and ministry leaders filled the pews of Christ Presbyterian Church to hear special guest John O’Leary speak on amplifying purpose, meaning and igniting your life.  O’Leary shared his powerful story of how his life changed when 100% of his body was burned in a childhood accident.  Once given a 1% chance to survive, O’Leary shares his story in hopes of inspiring others to live more fully. His challenge to ask “what more can I do?  “We are blessed” said O’Leary “and tonight I want to Amplify that for you.” “Who’s that one person in your life…a rabbi, a teacher, a parent, … a spouse?”

“You have a gift to share” said O’Leary. “One guy came into my life and changed me; such is the power of our lives to influence others.”

Amplify Mission Network provides opportunities for business and community leaders to share their gifts and ignite their faith and life in purpose with emerging ministries. Find out more about Amplify Mission Network by watching