Amplify Partners Fill The Room to Talk Disabilities and Hospice Care

Amplify Partners Fill The Room to Talk Disabilities and Hospice Care

June Meeting Recap

june 25, 2024

The room was buzzing on Tuesday night as Amplify packed the room at Christ Presbyterian Church with more than 150 partners and friends, including 42 first-time guests! 

It was an evening full of meaning as one of the first-time participants shared, “The energy in the room was ramped up with Jordan Michael’s music and just continued to be high-energy and high engagement as the night progressed. Simply a wonderful evening filled with hope and inspiration!”

In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of the evening and a way to connect even further.

Jordan Michael, knocked the socks off guests with his powerful voice and musical gift. He received not one, but two standing ovations for his performance of “Theme from New York, New York” and “To Dream the Impossible Dream.”

Amplify Partner Mark Hirschfeld shared a story titled “The Tale of Two Ropes,” detailing his family’s personal journey navigating his son’s autism diagnosis. He challenged us to consider how we rely on our own competencies rather than faith, “There is a second rope called faith. This rope goes on and on and never ends. It’s stronger than our competencies and has more resources to guide and support us.” 

Hirschfeld also shared about the connections he has made through Amplify which have shaped him, including Duane Wyatt, founder of Morse Code Youth Outreach. The connection and resulting friendship with Duane led Mark down an unexpected path, authoring a children’s book, “Dots and Dashes: Duane Learns the Magic of Morse Code.” It was a powerful message highlighting what Amplify is all about  – the ripples of impact that occur when Amplify partners and nonprofit leaders connect and collaborate! 

Our impact story for the evening came from Josiah & Micah Kennealy, who shared via video about the tremendous strides they have made in securing sponsorships for their podcasts and events since presenting at Amplify in January.

Jennie Wendland, founder of Disability Support International shared her mission to improve the lives of people with disabilities in developing countries. She shared heartbreaking statistics and stories about the rejection children with disabilities face in developing countries. Wendland asked Amplify partners to help build sustainability for the organization by creating a revenue-generating stream for the organization.

Chrissy Lucas, co-founder of The Upper Room, outlined her dream to minister to families through hospice care. With a beautiful new space and a compelling vision, Lucas invited business leaders to help her build the structure and systems needed to make the dream a reality.

Amplify partners then rolled up their sleeves and got to work, sharing ideas, connections, and expertise to help each ministry overcome the barriers presented and reach new levels of impact. 

Julie Eide, President of Amplify shared information about Amplify’s Learning Academy, inviting partners to consider sponsoring a nonprofit leader to attend one of two, nine-month tracks beginning in September. She also gave a preview of Amplify’s fall fundraising event featuring Bob Goff and invited partners to continue working with the ministries at the AMP Sessions next week. 

In Their Own Words

what guests had to say
“Wow, what an incredible organization, thank you for inviting me to be a part of the mission. "

“Having a room full of people ready to jump in and offer their minds and hearts to DSI’s mission was so encouraging to me. I felt encouraged, seen, validated, uplifted and challenged and can’t wait to delve deeper into all of the contributions. A huge thank you to Amplify and to each person who showed up as the body of Christ in support of DSI’s mission to make our world a more equitable and inclusive place for people living with disabilities!" - Jennie Wendland, Disability Support International

"It is overwhelming and almost feels surreal to feel so supported and encouraged, and we really haven't even got started! I'm posturing my heart to receive, so that I can be open to where the Lord wants to lead next and live out being "one body with many parts, so it is with Christ." - Chrissy Lucas, The Upper Room

AMP Sessions

can you make it?
Partners are needed to help advance ideas that began at our meeting on Tuesday. Spend one hour in consultation with our ministry partner and meet additional Amplify partners. Together we’ll review the feedback forms and support the ministry in identifying next steps. A Zoom link and full summary report of the ideas and feedback generated at the meeting will be provided after you RSVP.

Disability Support International

Monday, July 1st
8:00-9:00 am via Zoom 


The Upper Room

Tuesday, July 2nd
8:00-9:00 am via Zoom 

Mark Your Calendar

next meeting: nov 19

Partners in Action

thank you for using your god-given gifts, talents, and networks for significance

Thank you to Steve Siewert for photographing our June meeting.