Be Kind 2 People

Be Kind 2 People

An Incubator for Focus

Presenting at Amplify was the first time I tried to tell what God was doing in my life and through Be Kind. Throughout the coaching process, I earned how to tell my story and how to give a presentation.

As a result of my experience, Amplify provided an entire network of support and encouragers that Be Kind didn’t have as an organization and for me personally as a leader. Since presenting to Amplify, Be Kind as a brand has gone through an entire brand overhaul.

Because of the Amplify experience, I believe I am equipped to infuse the very fire God gave me for Be Kind into others when I explain Be Kind’s mission now. Amplify truly is an incubator for focus. Allowing a non-profit to understand the perspective of their brand from a community of spirit led leaders.

Amplify takes what might have been dull or even considered sharpened and leaves it with a razor edge. Amplify instills confidence to reach towards what God has placed in the heart of a non-profit leader. And, once that confidence has been instilled Amplify shines a light on the pathway paved by testimonies of Amplify coaches and partners to encourage each leader towards what God has called them to through their wisdom and experience. Amplify is tangible space to confirm or reconfirm why God called you as a non-profit leader.

Amplify has given me new friendships, coaches, mentors, networks and resources. Thank you!