At our September event, we heard from emerging ministry Encircled founder, Ben Bevis.  Ben presented information on the decline of youth engagement in the church and the effect of the decreasing number “faith influencers” in kids lives.  With more than 24 years in youth and at-risk teen ministry experience, Ben has developed a coaching platform to not only bring youth closer to Christ, but help youth discover their God given purpose.

“When we surround these kids with choice into who their faith mentors are (or could be) we find a much high likelihood for success in the future.” said Ben. “We see kids living into a reason and purpose, that even if it doesn’t lead to their vocation necessarily, it leads to a better sense of well-being.” Ben gave the example of Sam who was encouraged by his encircled group to seek out ways to use his musical gifts. He works a “typical job” but now plays in 2 praise bands on the weekends and has found his connection in Christ.

Encircled has completed their pilot testing year and plans to coach 50 students by the end of this year.  The question Ben would like help with is defining next steps. Making Encicled a scalable platform so that more students can be surrounded by a support system.

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