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Is there a commitment required?2017-09-30T11:06:56-05:00

Partners are welcome to participate as often as they desire. Meetings are held bimonthly and following each meeting is the opportunity to sign up for a Deeper Dive for Partners who would like to continue the conversation with one of the ministries.

Is there a cost to attend?2018-06-25T00:25:13-05:00

There is never a cost to attend an event. Amplify Mission Network is a non-profit organization and relies on donations to fulfill our mission.

Meeting Format2017-09-30T11:17:07-05:00

5:00pm Light Dinner and Networking

5:30pm – 7:30pm
• Guest Speaker
• Presenting Ministries
• Breakout Brainstorming Sessions
• Large Group Wrap Up

7:30pm Thanks for coming!

What is an Amp Session?2018-07-13T16:47:36-05:00

A one hour small group session after an Amplify Mission Network event for Partners to offer more insights, assisting the presenting ministry in identifying and prioritizing next steps in reaching desired outcomes.

What is a Presenting Ministry?2018-06-25T00:21:42-05:00

Christian organizations based in Minnesota, able to articulate a clear challenge or opportunity facing their ministry to Amplify Mission Network, in order to overcome obstacles and grow in ways they never before imagined.

Who Can Be a Partner?2018-06-25T00:20:52-05:00

Christian professionals looking to engage their time, gifts, and networks serving emerging organizations with tangible defined business needs to ignite real change in the world.

Amplify Mission Network2018-06-25T00:20:12-05:00

To connect marketplace leaders with emerging faith-based ministries in need of strategic support at events, 6 times per year.

What if I have more questions?
Please fill out our contact form, or email Julie Eide, Executive Director, at j[email protected] with any questions. Thank you for your interest in Amplify Mission Network!

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