God’s Spirit in Our Midst


For some ministries the need is obvious- a van, distribution space, strategic roadmap. For others, the ability to tell a compelling story, legal counsel or financial planning is the need. And sometimes it’s a little bit of it all.

When The Reel Hope Project presented to Amplify partners earlier this year the ask was straightforward- how do we get connected to more churches to share our story.  Partners compiled contact lists and shared ideas of connections to approach with the story. Founder Kaycee Stanley also received several introductions to rotary, mom’s groups and empty nester groups.  And through those connections, opportunities arose and renewed energy filled into The Reel Hope Project.

Since presenting in May 2018, Kaycee Stanely has bridged the chasm of state and religion, receiving a contract with the state of MN to create videos to advance foster care placement.  She has shared the story of Reel Hope Project at a church nearly every week and assisted in approximately 40 families beginning the adoption process. The Reel Hope project has also been selected for distinguished service award by the State of MN  Department of Human Services.

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