Amplify Participants Leave “Energized by the Love in this Room”

Amplify Participants Leave “Energized by the Love in this Room”

July Meeting Highlights

july 25, 2023

Amplify welcomed more than 100 partners, including nearly 30 first-time guests on Tuesday for the July group meeting. 

It was an evening full of meaning and described by first-time guests as rich, hopeful, impressive, welcoming, unique, and more! One participant summed up their experience as being “energized by the love in this room.” 

In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of the evening and a way to connect even further.


Rich Larson and Gino Giovanelli, brought energy to the room as they shared their musical gifts during dinner. As they wrapped up their set, they invited guests to “reflect on how God has shown up for you” and sing along to “Goodness of God.” 


Jay Bennett & Ward Brehm, long-time friends of Amplify, shared nuggets of wisdom related to Amplify’s theme for the year, “Unknowing.” With plenty of humor sprinkled in, they gave those in the room honest reflections on lessons learned in their lives.

One of Brehm’s reflections was his tendency to hurry in life. “My whole life I have been a Martha and that is one of the things I’m trying to unlearn. I want to be Mary. It’s impossible to be present with people when you’re in a hurry. I can’t listen to God’s gentle voice when I’m in a hurry.”

Bennett shared the freedom he has found in learning to fish on the right side of the boat. “I’m seeking to unlearn my left-side-of-the-boat-oriented tasks and let the mystery do the work.” Rather than dotting every I and crossing every T based on his own thoughts, Bennett is working to “Let the Spirit move in a way to achieve results that the Spirit intends. And the reality is the results are much better.”  


Our ministry impact update came from Amplify’s VP of Marketing, Marie Anderson, who shared the many ways partners have rallied around Jenny Gaines from JCS Affective Sober Living since her presentation in May. With a Go Fund Me page created, grant writing in the works, and multiple friend raising events in process, Jenny is making significant strides towards creating a sustainable revenue model.


Shane O’Rourke, founder of Lift Up shared his vision of making it possible for people to help meet the needs of neighbors in their own communities with a new digital platform, Lift Up Local.  O’Rourke shared the success of the international platform in addressing community needs around the globe and the unique challenges in trying to bring that model to life here at home, where the needs are more individual based. He shared several challenges and invited leaders in the room to brainstorm on increasing exposure and visibility of the platform.

Ceallaigh Smart, founder of Print the Love, shared her mission to celebrate the value and dignity of individuals in lower-resourced communities through the gift of an instant photograph. Through volunteer trips, self-trekking ambassadors, and local outreach, Print the Love has given away more than 14,000 photos in 27 countries and has a dream to give away 100,000 photos in the next 10 years. Smart invited business leaders to help create a blueprint for a sustainable revenue model. 

Amplify partners then rolled up their sleeves and got to work, sharing ideas, connections, and expertise to help each ministry overcome the barriers presented and reach new levels of impact. 

Julie Eide, President of Amplify wrapped up the evening by sharing a preview of our keynote speaker, Erik Weihenmeyer, who will be joining us in September for our annual fundraising event and inviting partners to continue working with the ministries at the AMP Sessions next week. 

In Their Own Words

what guests had to say
“I am so encouraged by the brilliant business people in this room who want to give their time and talents to help others."

"This room is rich! Rich in ideas, experiences and meaning."

"As a first time guest I was surprised by the number of people in the room and the high level of energy."

"I'm leaving motivated to change the world."

"I was warmly welcomed and impressed with how open and inviting everyone was."

AMP Sessions

can you make it?
Partners are needed to help advance ideas that began at our meeting on Tuesday. Spend one hour in consultation with our ministry partner and meet additional Amplify partners. Together we’ll review the feedback forms and support the ministry in identifying next steps. A Zoom link and full summary report of the ideas and feedback generated at the meeting will be provided after you RSVP.

Lift Up

Wednesday, August 2nd
8:00-9:00 am via Zoom 


Print the Love

Thursday, August 3rd
8:00-9:00 am via Zoom 

Mark Your Calendar

next meeting: November 7

Partners in Action

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