Junita’s Jar

Junita’s Jar

I am very grateful for the time I spent with the staff and board members of Amplify. Amplify was an invaluable supportive resource during a time when I was operating as a solo-preneur, feeling completely discouraged by the slow sales growth of my business and lack of traction toward advancing my mission to create conversations to educate and eliminate relationship violence against women.

Beginning with the initial coaching sessions, to the ministry presentation session and the wrap-up debrief session, I gained a cohort of supporters which provided fresh insight and connections to move my business forward. I started my first meeting with Amplify feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about my next steps but I ended my engagement with Amplify feeling supported and better equipped to breathe new life into my business.

Since my presentation with Amplify, I have tripled my staff team (which means I’ve grown from working alone to having a team of three), I’ve rebranded my cookie packaging which highlights our mission of spreading a message of hope (a suggestion that originated at Amplify), and I’ve launched into the grocery retail market consisting of 12 locations. I’ve welcomed new partnership opportunities and I’m continuing to strengthening my overall impact to invite people to engage in tough conversations and spread a message of hope. Junita’s Jar is on a mission to share cookies, spark conversation and spread hope.

Thank you Amplify partners for your dedication, your time, expertise and your prayers for Junita’s Jar. You have made a difference  in my growth as an entrepreneur and as a change maker.

Junita Flowers, Founder & Director