Lift Up

Lift Up

Lift Up has been significantly impacted by Amplify! We have seen our organization reach the next level thanks to so many connections that have come through the Amplify network. 

Presenting alone allowed us to build a strong relationship with multiple high-level coaches to help us think through our model at a higher level. We just had one of our coaches reach back and connect us with a recent meeting that has already led to the early stages of a new corporate partner, with a powerful story we are going to capture on video together. 

Amplify is the reason we heard about more local opportunities to scale our impact, such as the Dough Grant. We are now accepted into the final phase and getting to pitch for a chance to receive over $65,000 in funding. This is simply because Julie and the team makes sure we are aware of every possible opportunity. 

We also have a team of students at St Thomas currently working on a marketing plan for our organization thanks to a connection with Gino, a presenter at the Amplify Learning Academy.

Amplify has made it possible for Lift Up to exponentially increase impact, and go to the next level of capacity as an organization. This has happened through connections, new partners, and the ability to collaborate with like-minded organizations. One major takeaway is that we can do WAY more together, then we could ever do apart.

Shane O’Rourke, CEO & Founder