Amplify Welcomes a Record 47 First Time Guests

Amplify Welcomes a Record 47 First Time Guests

March Meeting Recap

march 19, 2024

The room was buzzing on Tuesday night as Amplify welcomed a record 47 first-time guests at the March meeting! 

It was an evening full of meaning and described by first-time guests as purposeful, energizing, challenging, valuable, welcoming, and more!

One of the first-time participants shared, “I had a great first experience at Amplify last night. I’ve heard about the meetings, stories, and community for some time now, but was thrilled to finally get to experience it. You and your team do a phenomenal job bringing in meaningful & heartfelt presenters, keeping things moving, and providing clear expectations (particularly helpful for a new person).  Just wanted to say, “well done!” 

In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of the evening and a way to connect even further.

Honey Ribar kicked off the evening with her powerful voice and gift of music before sharing her story of recovery and freedom.

With vulnerability, Honey shared her journey from battling an eating disorder and addiction to finding freedom in Christ. “I knew I needed to let go of the worldly things that had taken me down. My life had become so messy and I didn’t even know how, but I knew that only the Lord could clean it up.”

Honey entered a trauma-based recovery program and will soon be celebrating four years of sobriety. As she reflected on where she is today, Honey shared,  “Some of the most rewarding things I’ve learned in recovery are to let go. To sit in the discomfort and have no fear. The Spirit is more powerful than fear.”

Today, Honey leads worship at Hosanna Church and can see it all clearly now. “My whole life, I thought God was calling me to sing, but really he was calling me to worship.”

She challenged those in the room to approach uncertainty in life with freedom rather than fear by being present, not worrying about what’s next. “Life gets messy. We’re not perfect and that’s why Jesus came. To guide us. So let us follow.”

Katherine Thovson, founder of Grace Filled Table shared her vision for using food as a catalyst for building relationships and community. With a weekly community meal that started just six months ago, Thovson invited leaders in the room to help her build a model of sustainable revenue so they can provide more meals and pursue goals to expand into new communities. 

Erin Kelly, Executive Director of Jam HOPE Foundation, shared her mission to break down barriers to inclusivity through adaptive programs for youth and adults with disabilities. Relatively new to the organization, Kelly shared how she hit the ground running and has been “building the plane as I’m flying it.” With incredible opportunities in front of her, including the recently opened Jam Hope Cafe, she invited business leaders to help her push pause and build the solid structure needed to fulfill the mission today and in the future.

Amplify partners then rolled up their sleeves and got to work, sharing ideas, connections, and expertise to help each ministry overcome the barriers presented and reach new levels of impact. 

Julie Eide, President of Amplify shared a preview of the May meeting and invited partners to continue working with the ministries at the AMP Sessions next week. 

The evening wrapped up with a panel of volunteers who used props including pom poms, fishing poles, and balloons to invite guests to plug in as volunteers.

In Their Own Words

what guests had to say
“This is awesome, we've already bought tickets to the Bob Goff event, we can't wait to see everyone again in May!"

“It was inspiring to participate in an environment where people took time to invest in a few nonprofit leaders and their teams. I had a great evening!"

"What an inspiring evening! I appreciate all of the different perspectives that shine through in the room. These nonprofits are amazing, and the knowledge people bring is unwavering."

"This was better then advertised!"

"I completely enjoyed this; I will get more involved for sure!"

AMP Sessions

can you make it?
Partners are needed to help advance ideas that began at our meeting on Tuesday. Spend one hour in consultation with our ministry partner and meet additional Amplify partners. Together we’ll review the feedback forms and support the ministry in identifying next steps. A Zoom link and full summary report of the ideas and feedback generated at the meeting will be provided after you RSVP.

Grace Filled Table

Tuesday, March 26th
8:00-9:00 am via Zoom 


Jam HOPE Foundation

Thursday, March 28th
8:00-9:00 am via Zoom 

Mark Your Calendar

next meeting: may 14

Partners in Action

thank you for using your god-given gifts, talents, and networks for significance

Thank you to Matt Addington Creative for photographing our March meeting.