Meeting Recap – January 2023

Meeting Recap – January 2023

Meeting Recap

JAN 10, 2023

There was a buzz in the air as 120 people packed into our room at Christ Presbyterian Church, including more than 40 first-time attendees. Thank you to all who joined us! 

In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of the evening and a way to connect even further.


Joel Hanson, set the tone for the evening as he opened with “Weapon (of Goodness)” from his album What If It Is. He then displayed his creative songwriting abilities with the debut of “Who Even Are You Anyways,” a lighthearted song written specifically for Amplify’s meeting as a way of inviting new guests to plug in and connect. 


Laurel Bunker, our speaker for the evening, took us “Into the Deep,” exploring how we can trust an unknown future to a known God. 

The very promises God gave to Moses, exist for us today. “If there is anything I’ve learned from my years of leadership, it’s that courage is a requirement to step into deep places of the unknown. If you don’t have courage, you won’t take the chances you need to take to do something extraordinary.”

Pulling from the book of Joshua, Bunker pointed out it was as Joshua went the Holy Spirit met him.

“So many of us wait for God to meet us first. We wait for all the signs, for the money to be in the bank, or for things to be perfect before we step out. Sometimes God is asking us to be courageous and take steps, even if they are small.”  

Bunker closed by sharing one of her favorite quotes, “A head full of fears has no space for dreams,” with an invitation to remember God is greater than our what if. 

“The I Am Who I Am,  is greater than every what if, every objection, every no, every giant, and every unknown, because he knows all things and sees all things. He sees you and he knows you.”


Our partner shout-out for this meeting came from Clinton Rooney, who shared about his experience as an Amplify partner over the past five years.

“Amplify gives me a place to learn about new emerging ministries. It also gives me a place to use the gifts, talents, and resources that God has provided me. Not only have I been able to meet ministries and witness incredible impact, I’ve also met some life-long friends who share my passion for using time, talents, and resources to help advance God’s kingdom.”


Founder of The Reel Hope Project, Kaycee Stanley, shared heartbreaking statistics about children in foster care and talked about the calling in her life to help find a forever family for every child. She shared about the incredible success they have had in creating video reels for children in foster care with more than 50% of the children featured in reels matched with forever families. As Stanley prepares to take Reel Hope from a small local organization to a national one, she asked the Amplify network for support in developing a system of hiring & onboarding that will maintain a strong culture and identity. 

Founder of Superman Sam’s Survival Kit, Jamie Grant, shared her family’s personal story journeying through an unexpected and complex medical crisis with the birth of her son, resulting in the placement of a tracheotomy for Sam, at just two months old. Grant shared her vision to distribute 200 baskets by 2025 to families or caregivers of a child with a trach. With a background in elementary education and just recently incorporating as a 501(c)3, she asked the Amplify network to help identify the steps she needs to take to scale sustainably over the next three years.”

In Their Own Words

what guests had to say
“It was such a wonderful program and gathering last night. One of the best! In part, because it seemed to be especially multi-generational and I loved seeing so many new folks!"

“As a first time attendee I was so impressed by the entire evening."

“I attended last night's event and was really moved by the organizations presenting. God bless the work you are doing - fantastic mission!"

AMP Sessions

can you make it?
Partners are needed to help advance ideas that began at our meeting on Tuesday. Spend one hour in consultation with our ministry partner and meet additional Amplify partners. Together we’ll review the feedback forms and support the ministry in identifying next steps. A Zoom link and full summary report of the ideas and feedback generated at the meeting will be provided after you RSVP.

Superman Sam’s Survival Kit

Tuesday, January 17th
8:00-9:00 am via Zoom 


The Reel Hope Project

Wednesday, January 18th
8:00-9:00 am via Zoom 

Mark Your Calendar

next meeting: march 14

Partners in Action

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