Meeting Recap – May 2020

First Ever VIRTUAL Amplify Meeting. Thank you to the 116 attendees! The Body of Christ is Still Working Together!

Dear Amplify Family,

Thanks for joining us Tuesday night for an evening of encouragement. Although there were some technical glitches we will learn from, we are grateful you joined us!

Mark Smeby’s soulful lyrics and passion reminded us to have HOPE. In Mark’s original songs we recall that no matter the road we are on or the difficulty of the journey, there is always HOPE in our Father who will carry us.

John O’Leary then drew us to the intersection of hope and truth. John shared three incredible stories; one about his grandfather, one about his doctors, and one about Jesus, reminding us that truth isn’t always easy, but hope is always there.

We concluded the evening hearing the heartwarming story about XOXO, God. XOXO, God started with rocks…and to this day, their rocks are the core of who XOXO, God is. The messages written on rocks are like love notes from God. They are simple, but powerful. They are personal. They are biblical TRUTHS as found in His Word, and they are reminders of God’s unending love for us. The goal of XOXO, God is simple: to spread HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT, to share BIBLICAL TRUTHS and to glorify GOD with 100% of the net profits from all sales going to faith-based charities.

Please visit the XOXO, God website below and
Use the code: Amplify at checkout.

All proceeds will be donated back to Amplify to support our programming.


Mark Smeby gifted us with two powerful original songs of truth and hope.

John shared an insightful message…. “What do you see”? and What does God see?


The next Amplify Meeting is July 14th.
Join us as we hear from former KARE 11 News Anchor Diana Pierce.