Mid Management Track Launches

Mid Management Track Launches

Learning Academy Launches Mid Management Track

Pilot Cohort Begins March 2021

A History of Educating Leaders

On Wednesday mornings, once a month for the past four years, ministry leaders meet to work on mission and leadership as a part of Amplify Mission Network’s Learning Academy.

Since its launch in 2017, 62 Executive Directors from 48 organizations have taken part in the Learning Academy.

The original brainchild and start-up funder behind the first pilot Learning Academy four years ago was Jake Jacobsen, one of the Founders of Amplify Mission Network. “The best way to improve the performance of an organization is to improve the performance of their leader,” said Jacobsen.

Stronger Leaders, Stronger Communities

In the four years since its launch, two other Amplify partners, Tim Clark and Mark Thompson, have stepped up with seed money to help Amplify launch additional Learning Academy tracks to meet the growing need.

The Academy creates an exceptional learning environment, bringing together business leaders to share with Executive Directors and other leaders in the nonprofit ministry space to provide the necessary support, training, and encouragement ministries are needing to better deliver on their missions,” said Julie Eide, Amplify Mission Network President.

“It is a joy and privilege to watch what happens when the body of Christ comes together using the gifts God has uniquely blessed us with to serve one another.”

New Cohort Fills the Gaps

Starting in March, Amplify Mission Network will expand its offerings through the Learning Academy as they launch a new Mid Management track to better serve mid level leaders within mid to large size organizations. 

Amplify Partner Tim Clark recognizes the unique gap this track fills, “I am so excited to see Amplify expand the leadership cohort model to include mid-level managers in larger nonprofits. These leaders are the future and will change society in big ways. Investing in their personal leadership and expertise, in addition to networking with other leaders is absolutely necessary.”

The Mid Management track consists of six monthly sessions providing expertise and training in a variety of areas, including Marketing, Operations/Logistics, Leadership, Development/Fundraising, etc. Topics are designed to help mid managers expand their knowledge of key nonprofit principles while building leadership skills. 

An Investment With Big Returns

Amplify Partner Mark Thompson sees value for not just the individuals enrolled, but the nonprofits as well. “Nonprofits, penalized for spending money on administration, grossly under invest in the most important asset – development of their people in leadership,” said Thompson. “Yet, this investment has the highest return on resources as it increases employee satisfaction, retention, personal effectiveness and team productivity exponentially.”

The Mid Management Track kicks off on March 4th with a Leadership Session conducted by Peter Bailey, President of Prouty Project. This first Mid Management cohort consists of 21 Mid Level leaders representing six local missions and ministries.