Strategic & Intentional

Ministries are chosen with great care, reviewed and coached prior to presenting their stories and opportunities for help at a meeting. Ministries can trust the Partners in the room are Christ-focused and prepared to brainstorm their “big question”.  See past ministry presenters

God-Focused & Ministry Minded

Amplify Mission Network asks ministries to be upfront with their specific needs (non-financial), and we go boldly forth with the hope of changing the world one relationship at a time with our God-given gifts.

Ministry-Partner Based Mission

Amplify Mission Network provides a platform for emerging ministries to collaborate with other Kingdom leaders, receiving time, talents and marketplace expertise in a way that is consistent with their objectives, helping to transform lives worldwide as well as their own. Ministries and Partners serve alongside one another with humility desiring to steward the gifts and talents God has given each of them to serve God’s Kingdom here on earth, building relationships with one another.

 Benefits of Becoming a Ministry Presenter

  • Amplify Mission Network provides a platform for Ministries and organizations to tell their story in front of dozens of Christian marketplace and ministry leaders, benefiting from their business expertise.

  • Ministries receive one on one coaching before their presentation from our Communication Specialist and other Amplify Mission Network partners.

  • Ministries receive feedback, encouragement, introductions and critical analysis from our partners in the room during the breakout session, addressing their greatest challenges.

  • Ministries receive a summary report after the meeting containing all the feedback, specific contact information and advice received from partners that evening.

  • Ministries meet with a smaller group of interested partners in an “amp session” scheduled after a partner meeting to go deeper with the Ministry in identifying crucial next steps in addressing their “ask”.

  • Finally, powerful ripples occur long after your presentation has ended, when partners and other ministries share your story and create connections for greater kingdom impact.

Become a Presenter

Presenting Ministries are Christian organizations based in Minnesota, representing an emerging ministry in need of strategic support and able to articulate a clear challenge or opportunity facing their ministry to which Partners can contribute their time, talents and connections. Through relationships with Amplify Mission Network, ministries are able to overcome obstacles and grow in ways they never before imagined. Click the button below to fill out an online application or contact us today to learn more about becoming a Presenting Ministry.

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