Morse Code Youth Outreach

Morse Code Youth Outreach

Duane Wyatt, founder of Morse Code Youth Outreach, stumbled across Amplify’s website in search of development support in 2022. The organization is focused on exposing young people to the wonderful world of communication using amateur radio.

After hearing the challenges and goals Wyatt shared, Amplify reached out to long-time partner Mark Hirschfeld, Vice President of Consulting Services at BI Worldwide and made a connection for consulting and mentoring services.

Wyatt and Hirschfeld met for the first time in February of 2023. Over the course of a few months working together, Wyatt has been able to gain traction and an idea sparked in Hirschfeld to write children’s books that help tell the stories of the people behind organizations like Morse Code Youth Outreach. Together, Wyatt and Hirschfield recently published “Dots & Dashes: Duane Learns the Magic of Morse Code.” 

Hirschfeld shared, “At the end of the book there are questions that can be used for self-discovery or to talk about in a small group. Educators and other professionals have found the book helpful in having meaningful conversations about diversity and inclusion with individuals with disabilities. Duane and I decided it would be appropriate to have my author proceeds go to the Autism Society of Minnesota, who does remarkable work with folks like Duane (and our son Jacob) who are on the autism spectrum.”

Wyatt recently shared with Amplify, “We are so grateful for your kind help and wisdom to send Mark our way as a wise and kind friend and mentor. He created the outreach environment and push that we have been seeking for 25 plus years now, without success – only frustration and disappointment. Thank you all! God also thanks you, we believe!”

The book is available for $5.95 on Amazon. Hirschfeld hopes this will be the first of many books that help bring the stories of other organizations to life.