November Meeting Recap

Tuesday, November 13– It was brisk outside, but the warmth inside the room was palpable as business leaders and ministry leaders exchanged ideas and shared insight to help our presenting ministries Native Strong ARC and Cyber Warrior Foundation on Tuesday evening.

The evening began with guest speaker Matt Norman President of Dale Carnegie North Central US sharing his story and challenge to have a growth mindset when it comes to stewarding our talents.  Norman shared the parable of talents from Matthew 25:14-21,24-26 and encouraged a ritual of daily silence, reminding all of us, Whose we are.

Partner Irv Tang spoke on his involvement with Crossing Home.  He shared his personal story of a changing career and holding on to faith and the challenge for each of us to be “doers” to impact God’s Kingdom and open to where God leads us.


Cyber Warrior Foundation
is working through the logistics and operationalizing a plan to train Veterans in the high demand field of Cyber Security.  With so many Veterans unemployed or underemployed; and the world of Cyber Security growing exponentially, Cyber Warrior Foundation is seeking assistance to launch its training program on a much larger scale. Amplify Mission Network partners asked clarifying questions of the group’s goals and current assets to begin thinking of best steps to help prioritize critical next steps and potential resources to assist in shaping those steps.

Cyber Warrior Foundation Founder, Galon Miller said, “It was a tremendous opportunity to present to Amplify Mission Network and I want to express my gratitude to Steve and Charlene for their very helpful coaching and guidance along the way. I’m looking forward to the November 29th feedback session.”

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Native Strong ARC founder, Jaason Houle presented troubling statistics on Indigenous people and the lack of presence of the message of Jesus Christ.  Houle asked what might be possible if Christ’s message of hope reached more of our native brothers and sisters? Armed with a set of tools and resources, Houle is seeking to launch house gatherings on some of the 500+ reservations in America.  Native Strong ARC is looking for support on how to activate this plan, assistance with developing tools to enable house leaders in sharing the message of Jesus Christ.

“A night where wisdom and knowledge came together to help move Native Strong ARC forward. Thank you.”

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Our next meeting will be held on January 8- but there’s no need to wait to RSVP. You can do that now, by clicking here.


We’ll kick-off the new year with a challenge to Be Present in 2019. Our January meeting will focus on the untold stories of sexual exploitation and violence and God’s call to love all people.  We will hear from Terry Forliti, executive director of Breaking Free and a survivor of sex trafficking.  Presenting ministries Beautiful & Loved and Trafficking Justice will share their ideas on how God has called them to respond with mission and ministry to overcome the world’s largest organized crime of sex trafficking and the United State’s $9.8 Billion industry of sexual exploitation.

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