Benefits of Partnership

Here is a small snapshot of the platform partnership provides each year for ministries and Partners! What would happen if Amplify Mission Network didn’t exist? Here are a list of things that did happen because Amplify Mission Network does exist:

  • We provide a unique platform that allows emerging ministries the opportunity to engage the time, talents and networks of our Partners.

  • This opportunity allows ministries to get in front of  Partners at each of our meetings.

  • Each year Partners have 6 to 8 well known Christian leaders come challenge, encourage and educate them! Folks like Ward Brehm, John Busacker, Jay Bennett, Jon Turnipseed, Chad Schwitters and many others.

  • More than 12 ministries present each year to Amplify Mission Network.

  • Each ministry receives an amplify partner team to help shape and develop their strategic ask to maximize impact.

  • Amplify Mission Network offers an ongoing learning academy for emerging ministries.

  • More than 120 ministries interview with and are helped by Amplify Mission Network staff and partners.

Turn Up Your Impact!

Become a Partner

Our mission is to see the time, talent & network of marketplace & other Kingdom leaders help ministries in way that is cohesive with their objectives – from small start-ups to new initiatives and enterprises within larger organizations – transforming lives worldwide. Click the button below to download and fill out a PDF application, or contact us today to learn more about becoming a partner.

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