What is Amplify Mission Network?

We are a group of Christians that come together to use our skills, experience and networks to help emerging ministries.

As a group, we meet 6 times a year to hear from ministries, then brainstorm suggestions and connections to address their business challenges. Amplify partners have the option to join follow-up teams called “Deeper Dives- AMP sessions” to engage in more in-depth discussion and support for each ministry.

How are ministries selected to present to Amplify Mission Network?

Amplify Mission Network staff, in consultation with our Board of Directors, selects presenting ministries. To be considered as potential presenters, ministries must first meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Christian organization

  • Operate as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

  • Be based in Minnesota or at least have significant operations within Minnesota

  • Represent an emerging ministry or new initiative for an established organization

  • Capable of articulating a clear challenge or opportunity to which Partners can contribute their time, talents or connections – financial “asks” are not allowed

Ministries being considered for presentations at an Amplify Mission Network meeting must be able to:

  • Attend an Amplify Mission Network meeting as a guest prior to presenting to experience the process first-hand

  • Meet with Amplify Mission Network staff to discuss ministry needs and opportunities

  • Collaborate with Amplify Mission Network MN staff to prepare a 15- to 20-minute presentation

  • Be available to “run through” the presentation in the week prior to the meeting

  • Present at the agreed-upon meeting and participate in a break-out brainstorming discussion that evening

  • Be available to attend a follow-up meeting with Amplify Mission Network staff/Partners to dive deeper into the feedback collected after the presentation and identify next steps