Project Description

A Light in the Night is dedicated to to building loving relationships and bringing the light of Christ to His daughters involved in the exotic dancing industry. Their mission is driven by a desire to simply show compassion, absent of judgement, to those in the exotic dance industry. Through regular visits to local strip clubs, A Light in the Night creates opportunities for fellowship, encouragement and sharing of Christ’s love with dancers, staff and even some customers. 

In March 2015, A Light in the Night asked Barnabas Group Minnesota members for suggestions and connections to help grow this emerging ministry and support the dancers they serve:

  • How can A Light in the Night best share their story to reach potential church partners and volunteers? What introductions could you make to churches or volunteers, especially in the Mankato area?
  • What resources can we connect dancers with to help them attend college or further their education? (Many of these women face taking a significant cut in pay when they leave dancing. Many need further education to qualify for better-paying jobs.)

Following A Light in the Night’s presentation, Barnabas members put their time, talents and connections to work for this inspiring ministry:

  • Members introduced A Light in the Night to 5 new churches
  • Two members made connections to congregations in Mankato that resulted in a volunteer training session in fall of 2015
  • Members provided connections to numerous partner organizations to serve dancers

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