Project Description

Ace in the City is a community development organization with a heartbeat for youth working in the Powderhorn community of South Minneapolis. We’ve been building trust for over seven years now, believing trust is an integral fabric that holds neighborhoods together. We strive to be missionally-minded, having a positive presence in the spaces community happens. For us, this means having a positive presence at the park and within the schools.

In 2017 Ace in the City asked Barnabas Partners how do they grow well? What considerations should they have in mind as they seek to grow modularly into local schools using the platform of churches as volunteers?

Barnabas Partners responded by asking some tough questions about resources, both financial and personnel, in order to implement their growth strategy.  Partners offered suggestions about how to leverage staff, onboard volunteers looking at method vs. ownership, develop a toolkit, flow chart and job responsibility descriptions to streamline and execute the process more effectively and efficiently.

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