Project Description

Arrive Ministries is called to carry out God’s command to welcome and bring lifelong transformation to refugees and immigrants in Minnesota. Arrive Ministries provide top-notch resettlement services and compassionate care for some of the more than 20 million worldwide displaced refugees (as well as immigrants and asylees) who come to Minnesota. Each year, Arrive Ministries welcomes 400+ new refugees at the airport. Working with local churches, Arrive Ministries then resettles refugees into homes and provides furniture, friendship and basic/practical support in the areas of Refugee Employment Services, ESL, Immigration Legal Services, and Refugee Cash Assistance.

In May 2016, Arrive Ministries asked Barnabas Group Minnesota members for connections to churches (and individual volunteers) who would be interested in:

  • Welcoming newly arriving refugees families, “adopting” them and helping them with practical support (such as apartment orientation, helping kids with homework, etc.) and friendships during their first year in the USA
  • Helping newly arriving refugees learn English
  • Offering refugee garden plots for Church Refugee Gardens

Following Arrive Ministries’ presentation, Barnabas members put their time, talents and connections to work for this inspiring ministry:

  • Members offered personal introductions to 8 churches as well as suggestions for connections with other organizations
  • Three members participated in the follow-up meeting to learn more about Arrive Ministries and brainstorm opportunities to get involved

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