Project Description

Campus Faith Clubs (CFC) exists to invite, equip and send followers into public schools to establish and run student-led Christian Faith Clubs. CFC was established in response to the alarming reality that most students lose or fall away from their faith in middle school or high school.

With the attraction of breakfast (donuts!), and the legitimacy of a school sponsored and approved club like any other club, students learn and are affirmed in living out their faith Monday through Friday, rather than just Sunday morning or Wednesday youth group. Christian Faith Clubs are student-led, teacher-advised groups where kids gather with their friends before school for fellowship, prayer and encouragement.

In March 2016, Campus Faith Clubs asked Barnabas Group Minnesota members for suggestions and connections to help develop a delivery model for students and parents, in partnership with local churches, to start up and plant “lighthouses” of faith in more public schools. Specifically:

  • How can CFC overcome the challenges of church partnerships and motivate churches to support establishing Clubs?
  • How should CFC staff and ramp up for growth, balancing “supply” and “demand”?

Following Campus Faith Clubs’ presentation, Barnabas members put their time, talents and connections to work for this growing ministry:

  • The table discussions produced numerous insights and suggestions for building a train-the-trainer program, sources for potential coaches and messaging to engage churches
  • Several Barnabas members reached out to CFC to learn more about the ministry and introduce CFC to their own church


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