Project Description

The idea and inspiration for the Center for Changing Lives Liberia came from Liberian native Philip Nushann and his Clinical Pastoral Education experience with the Center for Changing Lives in Minnesota where he saw how people’s lives were transformed by CFCL MN’s inclusive, interfaith philosophy and process. Having worked in faith-based social services in Liberia for several years, Philip seeks to recreate a similar program to serve the particular needs of at risk children in Bong County, Liberia.

Equipped with this in-country experience and doctoral studies in the USA, Philip has begun to formulate CFCL Liberia with the support of partners in the USA, Liberia and other West African countries. CFCL Liberia’s mission is to change the lives of at risk Liberian children by improving their quality of life and restoring their hope and dignity through the love of God, empowering them to actively participate in the development of their community.

In May 2016, Center for Changing Lives Liberia shared their vision and asked Barnabas Group Minnesota members for feedback. After hearing the presentation, members shared:

  • Questions they had about the implementation of CFCL Liberia’s vision
  • Encouragement for the things CFCL Liberia is already doing well
  • Suggestions to consider as this emerging ministries gains momentum

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