Project Description

My Father’s House started as a ministry serving men in Otter Tail County Jail in the year 2000. Over the years, the ministry has expanded and evolved. Today we are known as Crossing HOME, and are a multi-state network of volunteers that empower individuals living in faith-based recovery housing. 

Crossing HOME serves individuals in recovery that are exiting treatment and the criminal justice system by providing safe, sober and affordable housing, helping them to find lasting employment, connect to community resources, and encouraging personal and spiritual growth; as they cross over to become valued and productive members of our communities.

In September 2017, Crossing HOME asked Barnabas Group Minnesota partners for suggestions and considerations as they shift the focus of their ministry from owning/operating homes to advising and equipping others with the tools and knowledge to run effective and sustainable homes. Specifically, they asked the following questions regarding their planned approach and business model:

  • Where do you see challenges?
  • Where are they missing opportunities?
  • What haven’t they considered?

Following Crossing HOME’s presentation, Barnabas partners put their time, talents and connections to work for this inspiring ministry. Feedback included:

  • Partners encouraged Crossing HOME to package their tools and content for consistent delivery and replication
  • Create a 2-3 phase consulting/coaching support model
  • Build a marketing plan and analysis
  • Several thought provoking questions were proposed to help the ministry ensure their strategies are effective and efficient.

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