Project Description

Emerging Opportunities for Sustainability (EOS) is a nonprofit that provides rural families in Central America access to low-cost high-impact solutions which improve their health, generate income, and preserve the environment. Since the creation of EOS in 2008, EOS has directly impacted over 250,000 Central Americans. EOS has a portfolio of basic technologies including: drip irrigation, water chlorinator, solar panels, biogas stoves, and ovens which help pull these families out of poverty.

In July 2017 EOS presented to The Barnabas Group.  They asked Partners in the room to help think about how to approach developing a marketing plan to a target a rural agricultural audience with low literacy, living in a remote location with limited electricity where walking is the mode of transportation.

Following EOS’s presentation, Barnabas Partners put their time, talents and connections to work for this inspiring ministry:

  • Partners suggested EOS move away from a 1:1 marketing approach to a multi-level marketing strategy
  • Use technology in creative ways bringing ipads to villages to demonstrate and show neighbor testimonials
  • Engage local churches to brainstorm as well as host “demo” parties
  • Several Partners offered personal connections to organizations working on the ground in Central America they could partner with

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