Project Description

Food for His Children is a Christ-centered community development partnership serving communities in rural Tanzania. Through discipleship, the ‘micro-loan’ of a dairy goat, and training in animal husbandry and agriculture, FFHC walks alongside individuals, families, and communities as they discover who God created them to be. FFHC fosters Christ-centered living, resulting in healthy relationships and transformed lives. They help communities discover their resources, thereby increasing their well-being and ability to transform generations.

Today, over 300 families in 11 villages participate in the program. With the support of FFHC, these families have seen God’s love in action, been able to better nourish their children and send them to secondary school, experience fewer health issues and are better able to pay for medical care.

In September 2015, Food for His Children asked Barnabas Group Minnesota members for suggestions and connections to help realize their vision of creating a self-sustaining goat farm and development center in Tanzania that can become a hub for spiritual and economic growth for the community:

  • Who do you know that could help us create an actionable strategy/plan for translating the vision for the farm into reality? What suggestions do you have for how we should build that plan?
  • Once we have a plan, we need someone to manage the day-to-day operations for FFHC as well as the plan for the farm. Who do you know that could fill these roles? What suggestions do you have for finding candidates?

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