Project Description

Hope Rides‘ mission is to open doorways of hope and create opportunities for personal growth through connecting people with horses. They provide horse-related youth mentoring programs, free of charge, to youth between the ages of 5-18.

Hope Rides seamlessly integrates their faith in God into every aspect of the ranch and its programs. Every individual who comes to the ranch has their own set of circumstances and needs for healing. Each volunteer is very intentional in following the lead of the Holy Spirit in how they serve. The ranch environment is abundant with creation and stories of rescue and restoration providing countless opportunities to share about a loving, relational God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

In July 2015, Hope Rides asked Barnabas Group Minnesota members for suggestions and connections to help this emerging ministry find new staff/volunteers and access to critical supplies:

  • We need to hire a paid part-time Program Manager (20 to 25 hours a week) to work with youth and volunteers. Who can you recommend? What sources can you suggest for candidates?
  • We need materials such as fencing, outdoor shelter and arena footings to expand our program to another property. What connections can you make to help us acquire these materials?
  • We are in constant need of hay for horses and volunteers with mechanical expertise to maintain farm equipment and cut hay. Who can you introduce us to?

Following Hope Rides’ presentation, Barnabas members put their time, talents and connections to work for this inspiring ministry:

  • One Barnabas member initially volunteered to help write a job description for the program manager. That offer of help turned into a project to outline the roles and responsibilities of all Hope Rides staff and Board roles.
  • A Barnabas member now serves on the Hope Rides Board of Directors.
  • Members offered several suggestions and connections to generate donations or cost-effective purchases of supplies for the ranch



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