Project Description

In 2013, Colonial Church founded and launched the Innové program. Innové seeks entrepreneurial individuals who are building social venture business models, pairs them with experienced professionals to provide guidance and mentorship, and awards start-up funding. They have successfully launched 11 social ventures and granted $500,000 using the Innové model.

In 2016, Innové Studios was founded to help other congregations replicate this model on a national scale. The first successful replication is ‘Project Flourish’ with First Presbyterian Church in Houston, TX. Recognizing the professional skills that are present in church congregations, Innové mobilizes members to coach, mentor, and support the launch of new social ventures. The social ventures supported by the Innové model benefit local communities, having a positive impact in areas such as food security, financial inclusion, women’s empowerment, and more.

Notable Successful launches: The Sheridan Story, Launch, Exodus Lending, HOYO, and Fair Anita.

Innove’ Studios presented to The Barnabas Group in July 2017.
Innove’ asked Barnabas Partners to:

  • Help them identify and connect directly with the change-makers in affluent medium to large size church congregations with a track record of caring for their communities.
  • They also asked for some strategies operating a startup organization with a long acquisition cycle of 18 months or more.

Following Innove’ Studio’s presentation, Barnabas Partners put their time, talents and connections to work for this inspiring ministry:

  • Partners suggested Innove’ Studio’s diversity their board on a National level
  • Get their story into the news
  • Use their model to shorten the cycle and build to scale
  • Develop a church partner model
  • Partners also offered up several resources and connections

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