Project Description

The mission of MacLaurinCSF is to strengthen Christian thinking by bridging church and university. Located near the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus, MacLaurinCSF carries out its strategic mission by nurturing a community of students, professors, pastors, and vocational leaders that is centered on two core questions:

  • Is a Christian account of the world true, good, and beautiful?
  • How do we pursue this truth, goodness, and beauty in every field of study and vocation?

MacLaurinCSF’s passion is for people at the University of Minnesota to see the astonishing intellectual, moral, and aesthetic coherence of Christianity and to appreciate its implications for knowledge and work of every kind. Christians in the university have a brilliant opportunity—indeed, an urgent calling—to declare that all truth, goodness, and beauty derive from and ultimately point toward God.

In March 2015, MacLaurinCSF asked Barnabas Group Minnesota members for help in brainstorming around two key questions:

  • What introductions can Barnabas members make to leaders in real estate/housing (especially near the University of Minnesota), development, or construction who would be able to offer strategic input to MacLaurinCSF’s expansion plans?
  • How can MacLaurinCSF create a groundswell of people learning about their vision? What techniques would you suggest? Who can Barnabas members introduce to MacLaurinCSF?

Following MacLaurinCSF’s presentation, Barnabas members put their time, talents and connections to work for this ministry serving the University community:

  • Barnabas members made 7 personal connections to leader in real estate/housing and development near the University of Minnesota
  • Members suggested nearly two dozen suggestions and connections to help spread the story of MacLaurinCSF

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