Project Description

The story of The Sheridan Story is one of a community response to a direct call for food support from a local elementary school, Sheridan Elementary in Northeast Minneapolis. The story continues today with over 100 groups in the community responding to calls for food support from local schools. The story also includes many groups developing a relationship and partnership with the school, resulting in providing other forms of support beyond the weekend food.

During their presentation to Barnabas in 2014, The Sheridan Story asked for ideas on acquiring a refrigerated truck to facilitate storage and distribution of the food they distribute through schools to kids who might otherwise go hungry over the weekends. Barnabas Partners offered suggestions, advice and words of caution during the table discussions. Was a truck the right approach? How would they handle insurance, maintenance and storage? One Partner made a personal introduction to a local car dealership who helped Sheridan Story think through the costs and benefits of owning a refrigerated truck. Shortly after, Sheridan Story acquired a refrigerated trailer from another supporter, but needed a truck to pull the trailer. The combination of the relationship with the car dealership made through Barnabas and a matching gift provided by another Barnabas Partner meant that Sheridan Story was able to purchase a new truck at a great price. To top it off, the dealership has since provided volunteers to help Sheridan Story pack meals for kids.

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