Project Description

Whispers of Hope is a Christ-centered residential and non-residential facility where young women can experience spiritual, emotional and physical healing while discovering God’s purpose for their lives. Residents come of their own volition, neither court-ordered nor forced, desiring a faith-based approach to their healing. The Whispers of Hope farm, located near Northfield, MN, gives residents the space and quiet to discover that there is hope in God for overcoming the struggles they face.

In January 2015, Whispers of Hope asked Barnabas Minnesota member for help in three critical areas:

  • Where can we introduce Whispers of Hope to churches and/or youth/young-adult pastors and leaders to help spread their message of hope and connect with women in need?
  • Bible study is a foundational part of the Whispers of Hope experience, but the ministry’s materials are out of date. What connections do we have to high-quality, low-cost materials to help build the Whispers of Hope resource library? (WOH Books and Study Materials Wish List)
  • Whispers of Hope put all of their trust in the power of prayer. Join their prayer network by emailing Tammy Filzen ([email protected]).

Following Whispers of Hope’s presentation, Barnabas members put their time, talents and connections to work for this inspiring ministry:

  • Members made personal connections for Whispers of Hope at 6 churches and other ministries
  • Jay Robinson coordinated the collection of books and materials from several members and made a personal delivery to Whispers of Hope that went a long way to filling their resource library

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