reAMP: A Program for Past Presenting Ministries

Through the reAMP program, past presenting ministries are invited to reengage with Amplify to find additional support and resources. 

The reAMP process pairs the Director of a past presenting ministry with an Amplify partner for the purpose of encouragement, support and/or guidance in addressing a current challenge or opportunity in front of the organization.

We invite you to re-amplify your impact by taking advantage of the free resources and support through this program.

"Thank you for taking the time to make everything so easy, and creating the space for Lift Up to present a second time! The response last week was amazing, and I cannot wait to capitalize on that momentum and keep building even faster!"

Shane O'Rourke, LiftUp

Is reAMP for me?

if you have presented to Amplify in the past, this program is for you!

At Amplify, we know the challenges leading a nonprofit ministry are numerous.

As a leader you are constantly scanning the horizon for new opportunities or threats, all while putting out fires and working tirelessly to advance your mission! 

Whether you have a new opportunity in front of you, an organizational challenge that feels insurmountable, or the desire for a mentor, the reAMP program will thoughtfully pair you with a skilled Amplify partner who can be a resource and support. 

What type of support is offered?

mentors, coaches, consultants and more!

Perhaps you need a lawyer to consult with.

Or you wish you had an expert to help build a marketing or fundraising plan.

Do board governance or staffing issues have you perplexed?

Maybe you need some encouragement, prayer, and a sounding board?

Or is it time to take a step towards that BHAG (big holy audacious goal)?

There is no idea too big or too small.

With a network of more than 1,000 Christian business leaders, Amplify can connect you with a wide range of support and resources!

How does it work?

personalized curated support based on your needs
The reAMP program gives you (free) access to our partner base of 1,000+ Christian business leaders who bring unique gifts and expertise along with a desire to see you succeed. 

1. Tell us about your current needs, challenges, and opportunities. Use the form below!
2. We will present your nonprofit to a thoughtfully curated list of partners with skills and interests that match your needs.
3. Interested partners will respond and Amplify will select the best match(es).
4. An introduction will be made and you will get to work with re-amplifying your impact!

Together you and your Amplify partner will determine the frequency and rhythm of meetings based on your needs. For some, a 2 hour consultation may be sufficient, while others may engage in a 6-12 month mentorship. While matches are made thoughtfully and with your unique organization and challenges in mind, we don't get it right 100% of the time. Just let us know if your match isn't a fit and we will go back to the pool.

What's the catch?

no catch. no cost.
Amplify Mission Network exists to connect Christian business leaders with faith-inspired nonprofits to amplify impact. Our whole mission is centered around making connections and encouraging collaboration, by bringing together big hearts and bright minds for greater impact in our communities.

Are you ready to turn up your impact?

"Two years after presenting at Amplify we continue to reap the benefits. The advice we received at our session was critical, but more importantly, we received a network of intelligent, dedicated individuals who truly care about our work, and have joined us on our journey, contributing their knowledge, time and expertise to make Wildflyer successful long-term.

carley kammerer, wildflyer coffee

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