The Ripple Effect of Partner Connections

The Ripple Effect of Partner Connections

Two Amplify Partners Answer a Prayer in the Form of 20 Computers

When you show up to an Amplify meeting, do you expect God to use you to answer a prayer? That’s exactly what happened when Amplify partners, Jay Robinson and Rebecca Duvick made a connection at our January event.



Jay Robinson shared, “I have recently attended several meetings at Zion Baptist Church in North Minneapolis hearing about their dreams/plans for the youth in the area. One of them is a 20 station learning pod in the upstairs of the church. The last time I was there was Jan 12th. I was touring the facility and we stopped to talk about the most pressing need. 


That very night was the Amplify meeting. In the new virtual meeting format, we zoomed into our breakout rooms for discussion, which is where I met Rebecca. As the only two people in the breakout room, we took time to get to know each other and how we came to be associated with Amplify.

Rebecca then proceeds to tell me she works for PC’s for People which is a nonprofit organization that provides computers, low-cost internet and computer repair to low-income families and nonprofits. They fund their mission by providing secure, responsible electronics recycling as a free service for businesses and use the proceeds and equipment to provide the life-changing benefit of digital access.

I was blown away and shared with her about the need I had encountered just 6 hours earlier. We agreed PC’s for People may be able to help, yet Rebecca acknowledged how inventory was so short given the pandemic needs of 2020. So I started reaching out to businesses that I knew may be able to help.

As I am trying to make this happen, someone from Rebecca’s team emails me and says…..’I actually have some great news- we have Minneapolis-specific laptops, donated from the City of Minneapolis that need to go back in Minneapolis. The turnaround time would be just one week!’

Because of the ripple effects of this single connection, we were able to deliver 20 computers to Zion Baptist, fulfilling a significant need for their youth-focused learning pod!”

Does your business have computers you would like to donate to benefit local nonprofits and churches? Contact Rebecca at