The heart of Amplify’s mission is providing you with opportunities to use your success for significance. 

We know your time is precious and you want opportunities that not only engage your gifts, but connect your head, heart and faith.

Experience a renewed sense of purpose as you engage your God-given gifts with one of the opportunities below. Whether you have a passion for a particular ministry area or just a desire to share the gifts God has given you more fully, there is a place for you here!

"As an Amplify coach, I feel overwhelmed at the commitment and passion of all of the leaders, dedicating their lives to helping others in the name of Jesus Christ. It is a humbling experience and I feel blessed to be able to help shape their stories."

Janet Dryer, CEO Perforce Software

Service Opportunities


Participate in Amplify Meetings

brainstorm ideas & share connections
Amplify’s bi-monthly meetings provide a unique opportunity for you to network with other business leaders in the community while providing critical analysis and feedback to advance the work of a faith-based nonprofit in our community. As a group, we meet six times a year to hear from ministries, then brainstorm suggestions and connections to address their business challenges. After each meeting, you’ll have the option to join follow-up teams called “AMP sessions” to engage in more in-depth discussion and support for each ministry.

Investment: 2.5 hours, 6 times per year


ask questions & guide brainstorming
Facilitators guide discussion during breakout sessions at an Amplify meeting. Using pre-written questions, you will lead a group of 5-8 business leaders in a time of brainstorming, while collecting their ideas, suggestions and connections, which will be used in a summary report provided back to the ministry.

Investment: 3 hours every other month. Review facilitator questions in advance, attend the bi-monthly meeting, guide a 30 minute breakout conversation and summarize feedback following brainstorming.​


group sessions for presentation preparation
As a coach, your skills will be used to provide encouragement, guidance and clarity for an emerging ministry over the course of six months. You will work alongside 2-3 other Amplify coaches and one Executive Director as you assist in the development of the organization’s presentation and strategic ask. Following the ministry’s presentation at a bi-monthly meeting, coaching sessions will continue as you support the Director in creating an action plan based on feedback from the meeting and provide accountability and support.

Investment: 8-10 hours over 3 months (5 Coaching Sessions)


1:1 sessions for general encouragement
As a mentor, you will work one-on-one with a nonprofit Executive Director to guide, support, and encourage them in their personal and professional growth. Your role is to serve as a trusted confidant, listening to their challenges and opportunities while being prepared to offer ideas and network as you are asked.

Investment: 1-2 hours per month, minimum 3 month commitment (in-person, phone or zoom)


1:1 sessions for problem solving
As a consultant, you will work one-on-one with a nonprofit Executive Director for the purpose of addressing a current challenge or opportunity the nonprofit is facing. Consultants provide active support & guidance in bringing clarity, uncovering possible solutions, and supporting the Director in implementing steps to resolve the challenge or move forward with an opportunity.

Investment: 8-10 hours over 6 months (4-6 Sessions)

Workshop Presenter

teach on your area of expertise
Through our Learning Academy, nonprofit leaders attend monthly sessions to expand their knowledge of key nonprofit principles while building leadership skills. We need experts to teach topics such as development, marketing, leadership, operations, evaluation metrics, and more. If you love to teach, this is a great opportunity to pass along your knowledge to benefit dozens of ministries!

Investment: 2 hours during a Learning Academy session


hello, nice to you meet you!
Use your gift of hospitality to be a welcoming presence for guests at our bi-monthly meetings and fundraising event. Share your smile, answer questions and assist with event related set up.

Investment: 1 hour, 6 times per year


encourage & inspire our partners
Each year, we invite six to eight well-known Christian leaders to come challenge, encourage, and educate our entire network! Folks like Ward Brehm, John Busacker, David Johnson, Susie & Kevin Larson, Jay Bennett, Jon Turnipseed, Chad Schwitters and many others. Use your gift of teaching and encouragement to spark new ways of seeing and thinking for the ministry and business leaders we serve.

Investment: 30 minutes during one of our bi-monthly meetings

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