The Learning Academy Enters Second Year!

On Wednesday mornings, once a month, emerging ministry leaders meet to work on mission and ministry as a part of Amplify Mission Network’s Learning Academy.

The Learning Academy fills a unique role for participants, the majority of which are Executive Directors with little to no staff.  On topic this week was the role of development and fundraising for local nonprofit ministries.  Amplify partner Lynn Giovannelli opened the session with a presentation on fundraising and a lively discussion ensued on the various ways to fund mission and ministry. Giovannelli brings a wealth of expertise from her role as Director of Advancement at Groves Academy.

Amplify’s business partners provide expertise in a variety of areas, including Marketing, Operations/Logistics, Leadership, Development/Fundraising, etc. “We are deeply blessed with generous partners who provide a unique blend of high-level knowledge and practical skills as subject matter experts in their fields,” said Julie Eide, Amplify Mission Network President.

In additional to business expertise, ministries participate in a ministry challenge share experience. In this exercise, two ministries share a challenge/issue they are facing, respond to clarifying questions and receive feedback. “This facilitated experience allow ministries a share to share knowledge and expertise and has been profoundly useful for our participating ministries” said Eide.  “Leadership can sometimes be lonely and many ministry leaders get burnt out ‘doing it all.  Our ministry challenge shares practical suggestions and connections for emerging ministries that are navigating the world of telling a compelling story, making an ask, engaging volunteers and growing mission.”

25 ministries are currently enrolled in The Learning Academy, representing a variety of missions and ministries rooted in living out our Christian faith to help those in need.