When a room full of Christian business and nonprofit leaders gather to combine their experiences, skills, and networks, we create a better future for our communities.

Together is better.

Business and Nonprofit Leaders serve alongside one another with humility desiring to steward the gifts and talents God has given them.

Business Leaders

Work in concert with God and others, using your professional expertise to bring change to our communities.

Nonprofit Leaders

Overcome obstacles, grow in ways you never imagined, and go forth boldly with the hope of changing the world with your God-given gifts!

"I was immediately struck by the power of bringing together people with a variety of backgrounds and strengths to advise, provoke and guide early stage ministries struggling with a challenge they are facing. They received counsel that was both practical and useful immediately. It's so apparent that everyone involved, whether giving or receiving advice, desires to see God's kingdom grow. This collaboration works."


How it works

1. Faith-based nonprofits apply to present a challenge.

2. Amplify staff vet applying nonprofits.

3. Business leaders coach nonprofits in advance of the bi-monthly meeting.

4. 100+ business leaders gather to hear nonprofit challenges and brainstorm solutions and share connections.

5. Interested business leaders meet for an additional 1 hour AMP Session to identify tangible next steps with the nonprofit.

6. Mentorship and coaching continue for months following the presentation.

We create ripples of impact.

take a look at the stories of two nonprofits amplified in 2022

See The Impact

Wildflyer Coffee

When we presented to Amplify last year, you guys really rallied around us with some business model advice and some really critical marketing help. This input has really brought us to

Every Meal

A connection made at Amplify allowed for Every Meal (formerly Sheridan Story) to purchase a needed truck at a great price!

Junita's Jar

Amplify was an invaluable supportive resource during a time when I was operating as a solo-preneur, feeling completely discouraged.

Local Network, Global Impact

the organizations touched by amplify serve around the world

Meet the Team